April 16, 2013

Ruby Sparks Movie

For the past five days, I've watched around 10 movies, two in cinema and the rest in DVDs rented at Video City. First I wanted to make a review of Tom Cruise's Oblivion, or about the  Life of Pi but I can't get the juice flowing. Now that I finished watching Ruby Sparks, there's something to write about.  Ruby Sparks is a 2012 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Jonathan Dayton (he also directed another favorite movie, Little Miss Sunshine). 

I love love stories and this movie definitely kept my eyes open despite the heat. For those into make believe love stories, this one is worth watching. The movie revolves around the young novelist who struggles with writer's block having not written a full book since his first successful publication at 19.

Starring Paul Dano as Calvin Weir-Fields and Zoe Kazan as Ruby Tiffany Sparks, a woman who initially is a dream and inspires Paul Dano's character to write about her until she eventually manifests herself fully in his life. And oh by the way, Zoe Kazan is also the writer of this brilliant movie.

Also in the movie, Annette Bening as Gertrude, Calvin's mother and Antonio Banderas as Mort, the carefree boyfriend of Calvin's mother. 

Official Synopsis: 

Calvin is a struggling novelist, paralysed by writer’s block. Encouraged by his therapist to write about his dream girl, Calvin creates Ruby and his reality is turned upside down when she suddenly materializes in his apartment, in love with him and precisely as he’s written her.

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