April 26, 2013

The Hat That Got Away

Some of the events I cover means meeting actors and models. When I see them wearing those fashionable hats, I always wonder if it's going to look good on me. 
With Aubrey Miles at Vans Off The Wall event

Saw G Toengi not in an event but while buying books
at Fullybooked in Greenhills.

Being a late bloomer, I am slowly reinventing myself so when we went in Baguio, 
I tried on this hat ...

Juancho, as a very sweet and loving son, said, "Mom, it looks bagay on you, buy it na."

I then asked Julia, "okay ba, Ate, does it look good on me?". The shy and soft-spoken Julia replied, "it's nice, Mom.". 

I called on Rafael for his opinion, "El, is it nice?". El said, "oh, yeah, cool, get it".

Di pa din nakuntento..."Dad, what do you think?". John answered me with a question, "gusto mo ba?". Hmmm, we went back in Manila without that hat. 

I'm still wondering though, bagay kaya sa akin that hat that got away? Di naman kaya trying hard magsuot ng hat sa mainit na lugar ng Maynila? 

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