April 14, 2013

Timeframe Productions and Media Ventures Inc.'s Anniversary

Last week, with Hershey's invite, I went at URBN Bar and Kitchen at the Fort without really knowing what the event was all about. I thought it was for a food review. The event was actually Timeframe Productions and Media Ventures Incorporated Anniversary.

Hosted by Karylle, with overflowing drinks and finger food, the event was a huge success as Timeframe's clients, friends and media trooped at URBN to celebrate their years of success.

About Timeframe

Timeframe Media Company was officially established in 2002 by RJ Samson, a graduate from Ateneo de Manila University, who dove head first into then growing audio-video production industry. It humbly found its base in Katipunan Road in Quezon City, offering its video editing services to students. However, it dreamt more than its means and delivered beyond its capabilities, extending its services to companies such as San Miguel Corporation.

With its entry into the corporate world, Timeframe Media continued to push the envelope challenging itself constantly and surprising its clients with the product the company puts out. The company pioneered the same-day edit video, now a standard in the industry. Timeframe staff created AVPs from bulky desktop systems brought around during events.

Never content, Timeframe Media began to upgrade its skills to produce stunning designs on print media in 2005. This spawned a new level of creativity and opened new opportunities for the company. The biggest opportunity came in 2006, Timeframe made its mark on the events industry with Universal Robina Corporation’s Jack ‘n Jill brand. With the success of its first event, it continued to produce massive events – from product launches, conferences, teambuilding sessions, concerts, exhibits and parties.

The next four years saw the greatest development of the company. Doubling its growth from 2008 until 2011. Timeframe Media focused on markets outside its home country, producing corporate videos for global companies. Then in 2009, Timeframe Media dared to invade the entire country with a massive brand activation operation for Anlene. Timeframe built a robust in-house machinery that has converted over 1.5 million Filipino adults to become milk drinkers and fight osteoporosis every day for four years running. Soon afterwards, the success of the Anlene Bone Health Check encouraged Timeframe to open up its activation services to more companies, from the beauty industry to other consumer goods.

Still Timeframe won’t stop evolving; it continues to clear the bar it has set for itself. And now, with renewed energy in 2013, the company enters a new phase as Timeframe Productions and Media Ventures Incorporated. Now armed with the vision of being a leading below the line agency, Timeframe Productions and Media Ventures Inc. provides innovative and excellent services in audio-video production, events, activation and digital services for their trusted partners in the Philippines and Asia. It has changed its face but at the core it is still the agency that delivers quality service beyond their client’s expectations, WHATEVER IT TAKES.

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