April 2, 2013

Tips and Benefits of Playing Tea Party

There is something magical about tea parties, whether you’re a boy or a girl, and no matter your age. Tea party has been among my favorite pastimes when I was a kid. We call it bahay-bahayan back then. With Julia, Rafael and Juan, I get to relive happy moments of my childhood. 

Tea party is a very enjoyable activity that you can do with your kids any time, especially now that it’s summer. When planning a tea party, be sure to involve your child/children  in the preparation and execution of the event. Let the kids have fun by asking them which part they’d like to take part in. Let them choose - no pressure, remember  it’s a game, a play that must be enjoyed.

Julia volunteered to cook the mini pancakes

Juan chose to be the food server, while Rafael settled to be the customer

Juan even washed the dishes when we're done playing.
Benefits of Playing Tea Party:
It will serve as an excellent learning experience, tap the imagination of children, fill pleasing hours in the day, as well as bonding time between parents and children that provides loads of fun.   

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