May 12, 2013

A Special Gift for Mother's Day

Mom's are called in different ways - mother, mama, mudra, inay, nanay, mama, mamang, when all it means is LOVE.

To all the wonderful MOTHERS, isang MALIGAYANG ARAW NATIN!

And because this is a special day for wonderMOMS, why not give them a special gift? What do most moms use, lalo na ang mga nanay na nasa bahay? Syempre pa tsinelas! Tsinelas is now commonly called flipflops (para sosing pakinggan). Try Caribbean Slippers, it's affordable and yet classy.


  1. I know you got a very special gift, kaya aga mo nagising, hehehe.. Happy MOther's day! Sa akin na ang isa dyan, hehe!

  2. Belated Happy Mother's Day Joy and hope you are having a great day,

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Happy Mother's Day din. I'm hoping to see you in person soon.


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