May 30, 2013

Ang Nakalipas Ay Maibabalik Natin

I used to think that past is past. Pag tapos na at nangyari na e wala ka ng magagawa pa. Hindi pala lahat ng past ay di na kaya pang balikan.

This photo was taken last 2001 in Boracay.
This was my first and last time to wear a two-piece swimsuit after gaining 62 pounds
while pregnant with twins Julia and Rafael.

I'm trying to sound dramatic, I'm just overjoyed I found my midsection again and got the courage to wear two-piece after 12 long years!  Totoo nga ang kasabihang "pag may tiyaga may abs, err nilaga, hehehe!

Sharing here again, the workout that helped, helps and still helping
me shed those flabs here and there...!
I hope to inspire moms like me, and girls on the big side, that YES WE CAN BE FIT!

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  1. I should basag again. Lol. I think it's not John's photography skill but the subject, you, who worked out for abs. Two thumbs up! Oh well, I'm giving credit too to John for finding the perfect lighting, but in any angle, your abs will naturally show up. :)


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