May 29, 2013

Cell Booster Infusion Mask: Flawless' Most Advanced Facial

I got to try the most advanced facial yesterday at Flawless Megamall Branch as Flawless introduced to select beauty and lifestyle bloggers their newest service, Cell Booster Infusion Mask.  This is a medically-sound beauty solutions closer to Filipinos without the Class-A prices, in short, affordable.

Though the cost of this anti- and preventive-aging treatment is higher from the other Flawless facial, I guarantee that P1,400 is so worth the session!  The science used for Cell Booster Infusion Mask allows it to deliver essential nutrients to the skin at cellular level. Using an advanced cellular repair hydrogel mask which contains highly concentrated essence of cell-activating nutrients, it promises to increase the skin's elasticity, minimize pores and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while giving the skin an undeniable glow. The technology for hydrogel is innovative in that it coagulates nutritious substances into a gel format and delivers active ingredients into the skin by reacting to the skin’s temperature rather than the air. It also leaves the skin feeling cool, fresh and invigorated.

Cell Booster Infusion Mask Procedure:
Step 1: The therapist made me lie down on the bed comfortably, put cloth hair band.
Step 2: Soaping/cleaning
Step 3: Massage
Step 4: Massage by machine

Step 5: Relaxing Massage

After the second round of massage, it's up to you to go for pricking.
I opted to skip pricking and instead proceeded to Step 7.
Step 7: Suction.
Cell Booster Infusion Mask is designed to perform two main functions: one, to combat the effects of and protect the skin from the destructive free radicals that we encounter every day; two, to rejuvenate and improve our skins’ cell architecture by nourishing it and encouraging the tissue regeneration process.
Stem Gel Hydrogel Mask 

Step 8:  Application of Stem Gel Hydrogel Mask
Relaxing mittens made the session even more relaxing
I was already in cloud 9 - sleeping in this photo, I hope I was not snoring (lol) 

 All of Flawless therapist are well-trained and well-mannered. 
I had a great time chatting with Jenna, the youngest among the therapist.

Another plus in all Flawless clinics, you get to consult with a dermatologist for FREE!

With  bubbly and fashionista Dr.
About Flawless
Established in 2001, Flawless is the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical services. It was founded on the premise of providing Filipinos easier access to top-notch, medically-sound beauty solutions. While cost has made the brand’s offerings more accessible, the quality of Flawless’ products and services remains first class. Powered by Skin Professionals, all of Flawless’ doctors and staff regularly attend medical and dermatological conferences in and out the country and receive constant up trainings. The brand is famed for employing equipment and technologies that are at par with those used by most international dermatological facilities. 

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