May 11, 2013

Dive and Trek - Ten Years After

Each and every visit to Dive and Trek is an awesome experience. We've been there many times in the past, bringing different sets of friends.  We stopped visiting the place in 2003. Why? Well, not because we got used to the place, it's just that we explored other places. Plus, each visit makes me sad somehow because the friends we brought there are now living in different parts of the world. My cousins Dondee and Chel are now based in London, Shiloh and Liza are in New Jersey, Jane in Nebraska. 

My husband love snorkeling at Dive and Trek, so after ten years off we went on a spontaneous trip yesterday. Buti na lang mabait ang mga taga Dive and Trek, we were accommodated for a day trip/tour even for a short notice. A day tour is P1,300 per person, which includes boat transfers, welcome drinks, buffet lunch, and afternoon snack. Kids below 11 years old have 20% discount. Snorkeling gears are for rent. If you own gears, feel free to bring.

From afar, while riding the boat, we noticed the big development of the place. Although still serene, the place look more cozy than it used to be.

 Alighting from the boat, we were welcomed by the usual warm faces along from Dive and Trek crew and staff, with two new additional friendly furry faces, namely Max and Bogart More stories about Max and Bogart in my next post).

We were offered welcome drinks as soon as we settled, with choice of coffee, juice and tea. 
Juancho settled for Milo, over and over again!

Buffet lunch was a feast with fried chicken, soup, kilawing isda, grilled liempo, 
vegetable salad and watermelon for dessert

We met Exhertier family from France. Our kababayan Jessica, along with her husband Pierre and son Julian was here for a vacation. It's their first time in Dive and Trek. Pierre liked that there are a lot of fish compared to another diving site they went to in the past. We exchanged stories and even had fun doing Pinoy tongue twister "nakapagpapabagabag" over lunch.

We hit the road at 4:30am, we arrived around 7am because we got lost. If you wish to visit Dive and Trek I suggest you be at the place at 6am or earlier so you can catch the beautiful sunrise and do snorkeling longer. At P1,300 sobrang sulit ang trip dito. Imagine finding nemo and touching this popular fish...Nora, John and I took a lot of photos to cover the great day, I had to compress everything for this video...Have fun watching but better if you'll experience the same at Dive and Trek

Contact Numbers: 
Alex Llorin,  Resort Manager +639109364556 / +639228549173
Resort : +639209064123 / +639228545573
Dorie Martinez (Manila Booking Office) +63-2-851-8746 
Resort Address: San Pablo, Bauan Batangas, Philippines 
Postal Address: 15 Clipper Avenue, Bayview VillageTambo, Paranaque City, 1701 Philippines
Electronic Mail:


  1. So true! not your typical beach and swim experience, but here you get to interact with the residents of the ocean floor! You can literally spend hours just hovering over the corals and observing the biodiversity that lives in this marine sanctuary! It'll trully be an experience you wont forget! Oh, and you'll definitely come back for more! Thanks dive & trek!!!

  2. What an awesome experience, I thought that a day would be enough for a different kind of adventure, nope, because we all want to come back and experience over and over again the sea, the view and Bogart and Max!

    Ang galing ng lahat ng underwater shots ni John! Simply amazing!

    Love, love, love..

    Two thumbs up!


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