May 27, 2013

Dr. Kong Comfort and Healthy Shoes

Do you know that most of us are blessed with healthy feet from the day we are born? Do you know that wearing inappropriate footwear causes problems on the feet? Do you know that 75% to 80% of the adult population has some form of foot problem and most people do not seek advice on it? Do you know that the shoes we wear have a substantial impact on the load on the knee joints which can impair the quality of one’s life? These all four questions and more I learned earlier today at Dr. Kong Philippines Press Launch at Chef Laudico's Guevarras.

Dr. Kong Footcare started in Hongkong in 1999 by Mr Raymond Ng, with a mission to educate the public on the importance of foot health. Since its inception, it has grown rapidly with 62 retail outlets in Hong Kong, 70 retail outlets in China and now in the Philippines. All Dr. Kong’s insole products have fulfilled the international safety standards having undergone tests from SGS, LFGB, TUB and SATRA. The products do not contain heavy metal and harmful chemicals; is safe to the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

The outlet is also stocked with a range of ready-to-wear shoes that are ultra comfortable for the entire family and professions related to the hospitality industry, airline crews.  The Baby Basic Steps 1,2,3 to aid the young ones to develop healthy feet as they progress through the three different stages which have different shoe requirements; Children’s Casual and Sports Shoes for children between the ages of 4 to 14 yrs. Back to School Shoes, Men and Women Casual Shoes, Adult Sport ShoesNursing Shoes, Sandal, accessories ranging from orthotic insoles for support and comfort and foot and shoe care products.

Apart from the range of ready-to-wear shoes for the entire family, which are ultra comfortable, Dr. Kong Footcare also provides the unique foot examination service at no extra cost, to help educate customers about their feet condition, recommending and fitting their feet with the selection of suitable Dr. Kong’s standard insoles (applicable for most of the shoe designs) to fit into their choice of footwear.

From these three different foot examinations I learned that I'm flatfooted!

Other facts I've learned today:

1.  Footcare in the early formative years is vital to ensure that children grow with healthy feet, which may otherwise result in foot problems like flatfoot and rearfoot valgus (a condition in which the rear of foot tends to curve outwards at the ankle joint) as they move towards adulthood.
2.  Foot problem can lead to knee, hip and lower back pain that can also limit mobility.
3. Women have four times as many foot problems as men because they have a long history of wearing high heels and/or pointy toe shoes.
4.  In some cases foot ailments can be an early signal of more serious medical problems like arthritis or diabetes.
5. If  experiencing pain or discomfort in your ankles, knees or hip joints. . . . . the direct cause may be the result of ill-fitting shoes.

 Dr. Kong Comfort and Healthy Shoes is available in the Philippines at the following branches: 3rd Level, The Gallery of Robinson Galleria, 2nd Level Robinsons Magnolia, 3rd Robinsons Place Manila, GF Sekai Center Building Greenhills, San Juan and 3rd Level SM Aura Premiere.


  1. Hello. Can i ask where this picture was taken? I would like to visit this branch of dr kong. Thanks!

    1. This is not in any Dr. Kong Branch. It was taen at Guevarras. I suggest you visit their branch in Robinsons Galleria.

      Thanks for dropping by here.


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