May 13, 2013

Fila and The Philippine Volcanoes

Fila is one of the largest sportswear manufacturer all over the world starting in 1911. Fila started in the Philippines in 1983 under the power couple Butch and Cris Albert. I am proud to say that  I used   to be a Fila employee in 1987 as HR Assistant. 

When the invite  to cover Filapinas  came I didn't bother to think twice since I'd like to see  first and foremost my former boss, Cris Albert   Secondly to learn more about what rugby sport is. Last but not the least, to take a good look at the good-looking and muscled men of  Philippine Volcanoes.

Fila Philippines is the official sponsor of the Philippine Volcanoes to the 2013 Rugby World Cup Sevens in Moscow. Pride burns deep as we got to meet and interview the team members of The Philippine Volcanoes last week at Cocoon Boutique Hotel in Quezon City.

The Philippine National Rugby Union Team is nicknamed "Volcanoes" to represent their burning passion and pride to represent the country in the World Cup. Today, the Volcanoes are the most successful team in the Asian Five Nations Tournaments, next o Japan.

Among the Volcanoes, Andrew Wolff was the busiest during the interview. Well, of course he used to be a showbiz personality. In fairness to Andrew, he was very accommodating with all the questions and photo ops.
Andrew Wolff, "WOLFIE", 27 y/o, Filipino-British, Jersey No 1,7,13, Prop
Michael Letts, "LETTSY", 30 y/o, Filipino-Australian, Jersey No 15, Team Captain, Fullback
Alex Aronson, "ALEX", 20 y/o, Filipino-American, Jersey No 10, Fly-Half
Jake Letts, "JAKEY", 25 y/o, Filipino-Australian, Jersey No 9, Fullback
Ben Saunders, "BEN", 20 y/o, Filipino-Australian-British, Jersey No 12, Fly-Half

Patrice Olivier, "FRENCHIE", 23 y/o, Filipino-French, Jersey No 11, 13, Winger
Matt Saunders, "MATTY", 24 y/o, Filipino-British, Jersey No 13, Outside Center 
Harry Morris, "HAZZA", 28 y/o, Filipino-British, Jersey No 11, 13, 14, Outside Center
Gareth Holgate, "Gaz", 25 y/o, Filipino-British, Jersey No 12,10, Inside Center 
Justine Coveney, "JC", 27 y/o, Filipino-Australian, Jersey No 12, Inside Center

Let us brace ourselves and support The Philippine Volcanoes as they bring pride and glory to our country. And with Fila Philippines standing behind in full support, I'm sure pride runs deeper!

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  1. The muscled volcanoes, I agree with Andrew Wolf as he was very accommodating that day. Pride runs deeper! Support the Volcanoes! :)


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