June 1, 2013

Pangasinan Against All Odds

My husband have been in Pangasinan twice already but he has not explored all the beauty of this place for more than a decade. John kept on reminding me to arrange our trip to Hundred Islands and Bolinao. And for the past decade, I was putting it off, opting to go to nearby resorts like Subic, Batangas and Cavite.

About a week ago, John's tone changed from asking to insisting that we travel to Pangasinan before our kids go back to school.

Last Monday I was able to arranged a travel package with a resort in Pangasinan. We were supposed to hit the road at 4am on Tuesday but Nora was not feeling well that Monday night so I canceled our reservation immediately. I called Nora around 8am in the morning of Tuesday, asked if she's okay and joked "okay ka na pala, tara tuloy na natin Pangasinan". Nora said yes and we agreed to meet in Shell Balintawak at 1:30pm. 

By 12:30, we were out out of the house when John realized he forgot Juancho's most requested cold Milo drink. We returned home and got it.  We then proceeded to the ice plant to buy ice cubes when John realized he forgot his prescription glasses. We had to go back again to the house.  I txtd Nora to please wait as we were buying ice. Nora joked about hot coffee and not ice because it's raining hard in Balintawak. Nora even said, we shouldn't do the island hopping if the weather is this bad in Pangasinan. I told John that maybe we should just cancel the trip and instead go to Lyn's house or maybe in a nearby resort like Subic, Batangas and Cavite.

To cut the very long story short, we proceeded to Pangasinan against all odds and stayed there from Tuesday to Thursday...

We arrived in Alaminos around 8pm. Since we have no hotel reservation, we checked out inns  and transient homes.  We stayed at Ed Transient House (more on this at TRAVELS OF JOY).

As advised by our boat guides, we started early the next day for 100 Islands
where we met wonderful young couple from England, Georgina and Nathan.

We finished island hopping around 1pm and headed back at Ed Transient House  for a homecooked lunch by Kuya Edwin himself. We took a nap after lunch, then proceed to our next destination, BOLINAO!

We arrived in Bolinao around 7pm, we had dinner at Bolinao Seafood Grill Atbp

 The owner of Bolinao Seafood Grill asked if we have a place to stay, he recommended 
Bing's Beach Resort where we stayed for the night.

The next morning, we were supposed to go to Patar White Beach but along the main road we saw the  Cape Bolinao Lighthouse so we all went down for photo ops. The lighthouse is said to be the second tallest lighthouse next to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos Norte.  

Patar White Beach sand is as white as that of Boracay. 
This is a public beach so no entrance fee needed, we just paid thirty pesos for the parking.

Rock Formation  is near Patar White Beach at approximately two minutes away

 The kids, John and Jomes swam in the first cave, Cindy's Cave we went to.

 At Wonderful Cave 
the kids John and Jomes stayed in the car while Nora and I took some photos.

Enchanted Cave  is the biggest among the three caves. 
This is the more famous cave in Bolinao because they have a swimming pool
room accommodation and other services.

After visiting the Caves of Bolinao, we had lunch at a floating restaurant named

After lunch we went back at Bing's Beach Resort to take a power nap. Checked-out of the resort and headed back home to Manila...ooopps but not yet, we made four more  stops...first sa tindahan ni Manang for the sweet turon, which she sells for only three pesos per piece

second stop at Tara Falls

third stop at Bolinao Falls

and the most important stop at Alaminos, 
Juancho's most requested,  at Jollibee...


  1. Two thumbs up to John's determined spirit for pushing the north travel. At sinuyod natin ang Alminos at Bolinao. Imagine the almost zero visibility heavy rain in our halfway to Pangasinan. God blessed us a very shiny day! Whew! It could have been another missed big adventures if we u-turned. Haha! Oh my, I'm still floating with hundreds islands hopping, oh not hundreds but we did the most unforgetable moments at Imelda cave, haha!

    1. this is a trip that is carved in my mind forever.
      kelan tayo ulit lakbay?


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