May 17, 2013

Promama's Fit and Fab Pregnancy

Wyeth Nutrition, formerly Pfizer Nutrition, debunked common pregnancy myths last Wednesday at Lolo Dad's in Makati.  Amanda Griffin-Jacob, who just gave birth 2 months ago to her second child, hosted the event. Amanda, along with radio host Delamar Arias and health enthusiast Tricia Chiongbian-Concepcion are the ProMama council of fit and fab moms and walking testaments to the fact that life is further enriched by pregnancy

Respected pregnancy experts Dra. Christia Padolina and Dra. Angel Bandola helped shed light on the many misconceptions of pregnancy.

Host, fashionista and expert mom, Tessa Prieto-Valdez joined the fun at Promama

Common pregnancy myths:

When you're pregnant, you have to eat for two.
You can't run, swim, or do yoga for the benefit of a baby's health.
Coffee can increase your risk of miscarriage.
You can’t travel because it may harm your baby
When a woman’s belly grows, the mom may begin to feel more like a vessel than a woman.
A mother’s life should take a backseat to her child’s

If there’s one thing that’s definitely not a myth, it’s the fact that pregnant women should take special care of their nutritional needs

Promama, a nutritional milk drink designed to support women—and not just the unborn baby—during pregnancy focuses on the life giver to address the needs of both mother and child. Promama believes that  expectant moms need not feel fat but PHAT – pregnant, hot and trendy! ProMama, which is available in Vanilla Delight Flavor, has only 15 percent of calories from fat. Just two servings of ProMama daily can help promote appropriate weight gain during pregnancy. Yes You Can The road to dispelling the biggest pregnancy myth of them all is now on the rise – and Wyeth Nutrition hopes that expecting mothers will eventually embrace the value of putting effort into looking and feeling great during pregnancy. Only ProMama contains the Pro-Nutri Builders, ingredients that support the health and development of both mother and child during pregnancy. These include Maternal Immunity Enhancers like Beta Carotene, which has antioxidant and immunostimulatory properties, and Vitamins C, E and A, which also helps promote good vision and cellular growth. Pro-Nutri Builders are also targeted for the growing baby. ProMama has Mental Enhancers like DHA, a nutrient important for a child’s visual and mental development; Folic Acid, which is essential for the development of the nervous system and in preventing neural tube defects; and Zinc, which assists in fetal neurodevelopment. ProMama’s formula also contains Bone and Muscle Builders such as Vitamin D, important for calcium metabolism and to support an unborn baby’s bone and teeth development; Protein, the building block of all tissues; and Calcium, which supports bone development.

“The fulcrum of each family is the mother. Without her, the family would fall apart—emotionally, mentally, physically, psychologically. Wyeth Nutrition fully acknowledges these values with ProMama, the milk that takes care of mothers so they can take care of their children,” says ProMama product manager Gino Anonuevo.

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