May 25, 2013

Singapore's House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care Now in Manila

The House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care started in 1999 and has 8 branches in Singapore.  Yesterday, they proudly had its grand opening in its first branch in Manila with no less than the owner, Mr. Ahmad Bin Syed Abdullah, assisted by the Top 6 winners of Ms. Tourism-World.

Upon entrance to the door, one gets the feeling of being away from busy street of Manila with  its Bali-inspired ambience.

The front desk consultants wearing the attractive “kebaya” (a traditional blouse-dress combination that originates from Indonesia and worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore, southern Thailand, also worn by Singapore Airlines’ flight attendants) will tour you around, making you wonder at how meticulously built the spa was.  

 All materials and interior accents came from Indonesia and Singapore.  

The owner of this center also owns D’ Java Factory (Singapore) with more than 700 different spa products and accessories made of 100% organic products ranging from highly selected herbs and spices which are also on sale in their Manila branch

What’s unique about the House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care is that their therapists are well-trained by Indonesian and Singaporean trainer headed by Hawa Sahari.

Another reason why  House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care sets apart from the rest because it offers Javanese Massage not only to individuals, groups, friends but for the whole family as well.  Now going to spa means not just relaxation for John and I, it's more of a family bonding as we get to bring Julia, Rafael and Juan for House of Traditional Javanese Massage and Beauty Care is a kid-friendly place.
The family Room has 2 massage beds, 2 foot spa chairs, 2 lounging chairs, a bathroom and  jacuzzi.
The use of jacuzzi in the Family Room and Couple’s Room is an exclusive privilege extended to  its valued members.
John gets a Javanese massage

The boys, Rafael and Juancho, enjoy the jacuzzi
 Julia and I opted for a foot massage

Address: 3rd Floor of E. A. Building, 2510 Taft Ave., Malate, Manila 
(beside DLSU-College of St. Benilde).

Contact details:  (02) 2150986 and 09177153655 

Operating hours: 11am-12am daily.

With Ms. Ruth Fungo, HTJMBC Operations Manager

Other various traditional treatments offered:

Aromatic Javanese Full Body Massage - Indonesian style of  body massage using deep pressure                           with  aromatic or essential oils  instead of the traditional Javanese oil

Massage Cupping/Ventosa – Body is massaged using  partial vacuum cups created  by heat                into the acupressure  point  instead of applying  thumb pressure

Toxin Release - Ginger treatment  or wrap  using  freshly   pounded  ginger thread and  juice     wrapped  in the body for 30 minutes; good  for  colds and allergy relief,  detoxification and  promotes  good blood circulation and relaxation

Traditional Foot Reflexology - Massage  from feet to the knee, concentrating  on the             reflexology points leading to the internal organs  and body systems

Pre-Natal Body Massage - Gentle  massage for  pregnant women  from  4th month  onwards                (or after the  first trimester) lying down  sideways, focusing mainly on the legs , upper  back and shoulders; relieves stress,  muscle pains and cramps; a good form  of relaxation for pregnant women

Post-Natal Body Massage - Traditional Javanese  full body massage after birth with               application of Indonesian herbs  “pillis” for the head , “tepal wangi” for the tummy ,  “beras kanchur”  for  arms,  shoulders  and legs; Helps mothers get back in shape, prevents headaches/migraine,  relieves feeling of tiredness,  gives warming effect on the  body and improves blood circulation.  This treatment can be  done right after giving birth for normal delivery, and  6 weeks after Caesarian  operation

Princess V  - “Fogging” vaginal area  using   special Indonesian  herbs  in a sitting position               on our Traditional  Princess V Chair; Helps  contract  uterus , reduce excessive white  discharge and eliminates unpleasant odor and wetness

Traditional Boreh Treatment (Herbal Body Mask) - Applying  Indonesian “Boreh “ herbs  on                              the whole body  for  30 minutes , then  Javanese Massage  after  shower;  Helps                              relieve  stress,  muscle pain, and headache; Improves blood circulation, removes                              dead cells and moisturizes the skin

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