May 15, 2013

Tattoo Talk: Matt Saunders

Although many members of The Philippine Volcanoes have tattoo, it was Matt  Saunders' that caught my eyes. Matt is called by his team mates MATTY. He is a 24 year old half Filipino, half British hunk. He plays as outside center in rugby and wears Jersey No 13. 

Me: Is it okay if I take a photo of your tattoo?
Matt: Sure!
Me: (malabo mata, not wearing contact lenses) what is that?
Matt: It's Marilou.
Me: Wow, lucky girl!
Matt: It's my mom's name.

"I love my mom so much. I owe her my life."
-Matt Saunders

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  1. and I love you Matt for that! How sweet of him. He might look like half-blooded Fil but sure I am he is all Filipino by heart.


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