May 11, 2013

The Choco Pups

The sixth member of my family, Dengue, did it again! Last year's puppies were named after cakes.  I promised to give one pup to one of my dear readers (you know who you are) once Dengue gives birth again. Sorry, but I lost your email. Please email me or comment to this post ASAP so we can arrange for pick-up of the pup.

This year's puppies are named after chocolates. Meet The Choco Pups, namely Kitkat, Twix, Reese, Goya, and Choc-Nut.
Juan's Kitkat

Julia's Twix

Rafael's Reese

My Choc-Nut

Choc-Nut the only girl.  She quite small than her brothers so I feed her by hand.

John's Goya
Our Beloved Dengue

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