May 20, 2013

The Volcanoes Blasted UAE

Last May 18 at Rizal Memorial in Pasay, the Volcanoes have proven once again that they are the most successful team in the Asian Five Nations Tournaments as they blasted the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with the final score of 24-8.  For winning against UAE, the Philippine Volcanoes kept their slot in the Top 5 division of the tournament.

The Volcanoes immediately scored 5 points in just 10 minutes of the game.  

Fila Owner Cris Albert and socialite-fashion icon Tessa Prieto-Valdez 
supported and cheered for the Philippine Volcanoes

Volcanoes winning group shot with Cris Albert and Tess  Prieto-Valdez
Volcanoes winning group shot with Bloggers
The following sweet personal moments are captured by my lens...

Justine "JC" Coveney gave his girlfriend a big hug while carrying her.

 Jake "Jakey" Letts with his proud uncle

Matt "Matty" Saunders with his number 1 fan

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