June 30, 2013

Pag-ikot ng Mundo

My father at 63 has trouble remembering things and people. At 39, I already feel signs I'd be just like Papa, that's why I keep a journal for each of my children. I write there my thoughts, the situation when I wrote that letter and the lesson I want to impart with Julia, Rafael and Juan. At the end of each letter I always say, Remember I LOVE YOU, Love much - Mom.  That way I have something for them to read when I can't remember things and stuff, or even when I can't remember them at all. 

Feeling the cold weather, and probably (but hoping not) I'd be down with flu, this poem just came out from my mind:

Pag-ikot ng Mundo

Sa iyong unang hakbang si Nanay o si Tatay
ang kaagapay mo sa paglalaybay
at paikot-ikot sa maliit ninyong bahay.

Sila ang taga subo nang nag-uumapaw na lugaw
kasabay ng gulay na pampahaba ng buhay.

Sila din ang nagturo ng tamang paraan
ng paggamit ng silid palikuran.

Sa tuwing ika'y may sakit
ang kanilang mga mata'y di maipikit
maibsan lamang ang iyong sakit.

Ngayong sila ay matatanda na
panahon mo namang ipadama
ang pagkalinga  sa kanila.

- Joy Mendiola
Hunyo 30, 2013

Firmoo July New Arrivals

It'll be a  few days from now before I turn 40. Before that big  day, I'm learning a lot of things in life. For example I'm slowly learning how to mix colors when dressing up.  Also, I'm starting to like putting make-up.  Lastly, I'm trying to enjoy wearing different shapes, styles and colors of sun glasses.

Still have no idea about how to style your pairs? 
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Cocina Centrale

Manila Lifestyle and food Bloggers and Pampanga foodies unite last 'rainy' night for the formal opening of  CocinaCentrale at the Marquee Park of Ayala's Marquee Mall in Angeles City, Pampanga. The Mercato Centrale Group, organizer of the popular night food markets in Metro Manila, is also behind CocinaCentrale, which opens every Friday and Saturday starting July 5 from 4pm to 3am.

"This is our first food market outside of Metro Manila, and we felt the most ideal place where we could share the Mercato Centrale experience was with the foodies of Pampanga. The great tradition of cooking in this part of the country means that we have to 'level up' when it comes to the quality of our gourmet and artisinal vendors, so that the food satisfies the discerning taste buds of Kapampangans," said RJLedesma, co-founder of the Mercato Centrale Group.


Cocina Centrale will be a culinary showdown where an eclectic mix of food entrepreneurs from both Manila and Pampanga offer great-tasting home-cooked food and delicacies.

"For Pampaguenos, they will get to sample the popular and best-selling food vendors from the Mercato Centrale markets in Manila. Meanwhile, Manilenos will get to try out the best dishes that Pampanga and the other Northern provinces have to offer. And the winner will be our waistlines!, added Ledesma.

The success of Mercato-managed markets in Manila have proudly come from Kapampangan chefs whose dishes have been huge crowd drawers, like Chef Sau del Rosario's Paella from Villa Cafe and Chef Claude Tayag's Pan deBagnet from Bale Dutung.

"We look forward to surfacing a lot of unique, innovative and great-tasting dishes from Pampagueno food entrepreneurs whom we would like to invite to eventually join our Manila-based markets. The Mercato Centrale experience here will be both uniquely Mercato and uniquely Pampanga at the same time, " said Ledesma.

Mercato Centrale has a relaxed and jovial atmosphere for families, friends, classmates, officemates, balikbayans and tourists to hang out, bond, listen to live music and create a new experiences while enjoying great food choices in unique salo-salo style. On top of that, Mercato Centrale has become the go-to place for food enthusiasts looking for the 'next big thing' in food.

The founders were inspired by the vibrant night food markets of Asian neighbors Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong and Taiwan. They are not only destination markets but tourists attractions as well. They wanted to bring that exciting 'street food' vibe and culture to the Philippines, and give it a uniquely Pinoy spin.

All food vendors undergo a taste test by the Mercato Centrale Group. Vendors are chosen based on flavour, innovation and uniqueness.

"We're proud to have helped a number of our food vendors create their own niche in the local food industry. Among those who have emerged are Manang's Chicken, Mochiko, Chuck's Grubberie, MioGelati, Spring by Ha Yuan, Merry Moo, Inutak. Zen Taclings, Eat My Garlic Fries and a lot more," added Ledesma. 

Special mention to the following favorite food vendors:

GIGA BITES' barbeque, kebab and isaw

CRUNCHY BELLY's crunchy belly, and Carlo's special steaks

SUGAR and Spice Bread and Pastries

CHEAT DAY for burgers and cheesesteaks burgers

EAGLE'S NEST for Thai green curry and stir fry ground pork

-choco dips, oatmeal chocolate chips, double chocolate chips and muffins

DAD'S MOM'S 8 differents types of sisig.
My favorite is their vegetarian sisig, it's filling.

KOKO BURI for fried chicken in soy garlic and primavera

MIGHTY BUN for different kinds of sandwiches


-shawarma wrap and shawarma rice

-grilled seafood and street food like bbq, isaw, etc.

-koffa kebab weal and shawarma koffa kebab

-buffalo wings, (garlic, mango, honey and Asian zing) original buffalo flavor

-pastillas, peanuts, caramel, macaroons, garlic chips and tarts

-pastillas, caramel, pili nuts, cashew nuts, ensaymada, sansrival, etc.

-veggie shawarma, veggie siomai, veggie sisig and veggie bbq

-chewy sansrival, araro cookies and nancy balls

-different variety of peanuts

-pastries and pastillas

-baby Shu, choco sku, cupcakes and sora

-cake pops, (chocolate, vanilla, cookies, red velvet, triple dark chocolate, rocky road)

-mamoose tofu chips, pizza bread, harry bread, donuts, walnuts, Korean cakes, cookies and hotdogs and sandwiches

-chicken Pampanga inasal, pork inasal, beef caldereta and bbq products

-beef burritos, longganisa burrito, chicken burrito, spinach and meat quesadilla, etc.

-chicken burrito, beef burrito and ramen

-american sandwiches and fries

MOMS 101
-paco salad, kare kare, stuffed palitaw, sinantan (ginatang halo halo)

-organic plants and organic processed foods

For those interested to become food vendors of any Mercato Centrale Group's food markets, please email, admin@mercatocentrale.ph or text (+63)9178401152.

Tang Galing Club - A New Movement for Kid Empowerment

At SM Mall of Asia last June 29, 2013, Tang launched to the media and public Tang Galing Club - A New Movement for Kid Empowerment.

Filipino kids are on the move to change the world as Tang Philippines intensifies its advocacy for kid empowerment through the launch of Tang Galing Club Virtual World, which will be holding its first-ever clubhouse meeting for the growing number of active children who have pledged to take part in making a difference through recycling.

The Tang Galing Club Virtual World provides a real-life “gamified” experience of how kids can go and contribute change to the world. With the use of fun and interactive activities online, it allows them to envision and realize that inside everyone of them is a hero waiting to be unleashed.

“We believe that by tapping the ideals of the Filipino children, we can start pushing for greater changes in society. That is why Tang, the Philippines most consumed flavored beverage in the household, decided to invest in an advocacy program which aims to empower kids and tap their heroism through Tang Galing Club,” said Alex Tacderas, Kraft Foods Philippines’ category marketing manager for Beverages.

The Club’s first real-life mission is the recycling drive called, Project RecyClass. This project aims to empower children to collect used foil packs, which will be recycled to make flood-proof plastic school chairs via a technology that is available in the Philippines. These chairs will soon be donated to selected public schools in Metro Manila, aiming to supplement the need for them in classrooms.

The mission was brought about by the recent findings of the online survey conducted by the Tang Galing Club (www.TangGalingClub.com), which revealed that 50 percent of its young members consider “caring for the environment” as the issue closest to their hearts.

Of this, Alex said, “Recycling is a good thing to do, especially for kids. It makes them feel good to do it. By instilling that kind of mentality at a very young age, the more they become serious and feel empowered to do great things.”

In the Philippines, it is reported that around 4.6 million kilos of plastic waste are generated every day, with a significant portion of it coming from packaging materials, such as plastic foils and containers. 

Through Project RecyClass, Tang and the Tang Galing Kids aim to help address this environmental concern by reducing waste foil packs and by saving trees, since it takes three full-grown trees to create a single school chair.

“Our dedication to the country goes beyond the products and brands that we offer. We want to make a difference. And with this recycling drive, we will be able to reuse our foil packs, instead of cutting trees, to make thousands of plastic classroom chairs,” Tacderas explained.  

“But the real change happens with our empowered kids. Through this advocacy, we will be able to awaken the real heroes in them and soon show the world just how great they can be,” he added.

For more information about the Tang Galing Club and Project RecyClass, please visit www.TangGalingClub.com and its Facebook account, www.facebook.com/TangPhilippines

(View more photos HERE)

June 28, 2013

The Turon That Started It All

Going to Greenhills means a lot of walking to find the best fashion finds, gadgets, books and toys.  Walking burns calories, and when you burn calories it'll definitely make you hungry. 

Juancho for instance always whisper on my ear, "Mom, I'm getting hungry".  Being active and all, he really burns what he eats fast. So when he says I'm hungry, there's this one place I know he'd really like - Hermie's.  

Hermie's offers comfort food common in carinderia's or neighborhood restaurant such as goto, pansit, lumpia, dinuguan, mechado and many more. My favorite among them all...turon.

Going to Hermie's is like talking to friends. They are all very warm. About two months ago, I got to talk with the owners, Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Herminia Lauigan about how they started their business.

Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Herminia Lauigan

They started their turon business in Greenhills in 1982 in a very small store near Besas.  In year 2000, Greenhills underwent renovation and they were moved inside Shoppesville at the ground floor, beside Booksale.  From just selling turon, they had to add other meals to accommodate the demand from employees as well as walk-in customers.  

From humble beginnings and the turon that started it all, Mr. and Mrs. Lauigan's 3 children were able to graduate in college. Their two daughters are in America as Nurse and Physical Therapist respectively. Their law graduate son is in Australia.

Aside from being able to send their children to good schools, Mr. and Mrs. Lauigan are able to help their relatives and friends by employing them at Hermies. Kaya pala kapag kumakain kami sa Hermie's, it feels just like home, lutong bahay at kalingang pampamilya.

June 27, 2013

Ipanema Switch Strap

Ipanema introduces the newest line of flip flops bound to make you switch— the Ipanema Switch Strap, that comes with two additional straps. So if you’re like me who wants to change look from time to time, get this cool Ipanema, there sure is a strap to fit your mood for the day.

Ipanema Switch Strap is a beauty trick just right for the behavior of modern women. Made from patented super-soft Melflex plastic, Ipanema Switch Strap not only beautifies your feet but also comforts and supports them. Colorful butterflies and neon hearts cover each side of the sandals—spreading the cheerful disposition and spirit of Brazil.

Visit Ipanema Philippines on Facebook and find out more about Ipanema Switch Strap. 

June 26, 2013

AOC's Breeze Tablets

Yesterday at Holiday Inn Manila in Makati City, AOC launched to media the new breeze tablet that promises to deliver the best in mobile computing.

Why buy Breeze Tablets?

1.  There are 2 models to choose from: Breeze MW0731+ and Breeze MW0831 
2.  Reasonably priced at P5,999 and P8,999 respectvely
3.  Powered by the latest Android Jelly Bean operating system ortex A9 Duo-Core GPU processors
4.  Built in wi-fi, bluetooth and 3G dongle support, front cameras and 7 and 8 inch LCD capacitive screens with HDMI support for the MW0831
5.  Battery life is up to 12 hours for audio for Breeze MW0731+ and 25 hours for Breeze MW0831
6.  With standard software like Internet browser, video and audio player, photo browser, email, sound record calculator, ebook support and google play.

For more details, visit www.aoc.com

June 25, 2013

Inviting People to a Party

In the Philippines, where people often do not want to offend people, will invite just for the sake of inviting.  Well, it should not be the case.  Remember, parties are supposed to be enjoyed. It's a time for celebration so make sure that you invite people because they mean a lot to you. Do not invite because you feel pressured or want to save face. Be considerate of other people's time. They also have other important things to do. If you cannot attend to all of your guests, just invite a few where you could sit down and have time to have short talk with each of your guests. Otherwise, your invitation will be a cause of an unhappy guest. In the end, the real motive of your invitation and your inability to make your guest feel comfortable will be felt.

After the Party:
Send thank you notes, email or text to all your guests. This way, people will feel you value their time  and presence.

Cancellation of a Party
If you plan to cancel a party make sure to send message or call each of the invited guests ahead of time.  Remember, you are not the only person who has schedules. Be considerate of other people. For worst case scenario (death, hospitalization, accidents) cancelling a party is fully understandable. For  menial and other reasons, you are answerable foremost to yourself and expect the disappointment the guest will feel towards you, whether they vocalize it or not.

Photo source: bridalshowerinvitationsnow.com

Basic questions that may help you when inviting people to a party:  

How many people do you want to invite?
If your friends have kids, will it be okay to bring them?
How many people can you feed? 
How big is the space where your party will be? 
If having a party at home, can your place hold 10 people, 50 people, 200 people?
If having it at a restaurant, hotel, rented events place, etc, does the venue have limits on the number of people that can be there?
Once you have figured out the number of people, you need to decide if it will be a formal or casual party.
Will there be a theme or motif?

If the party is formal, a card invitation is appropriate.
If it is casual, a text or e-mail is enough but do make sure to follow-up by calling to make sure guests are aware of your invitation. Remember, some people does not open FB most of the time.

Ask for an RSVP to assure you have enough food (or tokens, if any). 

June 24, 2013

The Sweet and Colorful Life

I've been playing Candy Crush for the past two weeks now. I'm on level 78 - actually stuck there for 2 days. While playing, I can't help but think and compare this hit colorful game to the game human race calls life.

While exploring and enjoying this fun candy switcher, you also get frustrated when you can't move to the next level. Just like life, people want to move up, experience greatness, richness and all that term that points to success.  But when we cannot achieve all those, we become discouraged, unhappy, stress and depress.

Candy Crush  requires mixing and matching sweets in a combination of three or more, to gain points and other bonuses as you progress. You can also make use of  boosters, charms and help from FB friends.  Life is also like that, you have to mix and match your talents, strengths and weaknesses to get you to the highest level. And if you can't figure that out, you'll definitely need the guidance and inspiration from acquaintances, friends, relatives and family to help you reach the top. 

And just like Candy Crush, life is sweet and colorful, you just have to know the right moves and combination to get to your goal.

In the end, if you lose all moves in Candy Crush you just have to stop. Just like in life, when you have done your best, gave all your efforts and nothing good seems to come out of it, you ultimately have to let destiny take its own course and lead you with the hope of a happy ending.