June 19, 2013

Fisher-Price and Carrie Lupoli's Joy of Learning Seminar

It was an honor meeting in person Carrie Lupoli, Educational and Parenting Consultant and Founder of Live and Learn Consulting at The “Joy of Learning” last June 16, 2013 at Crowne Plaza. Carrie shared her wide knowledge in joyfully parenting her two daughters. Her experiences in the United States, Asia and Europe have provided her with credible and practical knowledge on how to raise independent, happy and confident children regardless of race.  

The workshop covered four topics namely The Roles and Responsibilities of Parenting,  Understanding Developmental Milestones, How Children Learn Best and Age Appropriate Play-based Ideas for Optimal Growth and Development, have enriched my understanding on how to be a better parent. I also applaud my husband  because most of what Carrie taught us were the same guidelines that John have been doing for the past 10 years.

Aside from Carrie, other activities were presented such as Gymboree's playtime with kids, Galileo's talk on children's learning development, The Learning Basket's storytelling, group games and activities and raffle.

 Chumcy won books and I won 1 year Gymboree Membership

Audrey Zubiri, Fisher-Price' Ambassor, graced the seminar. She, along with Carrie, answered questions on how to raise kids. Audrey's so nice! We all felt her humility and sincerity. She even got our blog sites so she can visit soon.

All-in-all, the seminar provided a clear view on how parents can incorporate play and joy in learning. I hope that Fisher-Price will come up with this kind of event again in the near future. 

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