July 10, 2013

Getting Better Just Got Better at UPMC

I'm fairly familiar staying in the hospital for more than three days. When I had tonsillectomy in 2004 I was crying after the surgery not for the physical pain,  more so because I miss the twins. Julia and Rafael were just two years old then.  We all know that kids that age are not allowed to visit the hospital for precautionary measures in eliminating hospital-acquired disease. I was advised by the hospital to stay for three days. Imagine staying in the hospital that long.  How does it feel? Boring and  made me miss the comforts my own home. 

Last Saturday, I got to tour University Physicians Medical Center or PMC, located in UP-PGH Compound. There I learned that after undergoing the same tonsillectomy I had in 2004 a patient may go home.  That's good news because when a patient stays in the hospital longer, hospital bills goes higher.  

Factors that you may consider in choosing UPMC:

1.  UPMC is managed by the Mercado General Hospital, Inc., which also owns Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center (a 130-Tertiary Level 4 Hospital in Tanaun, Batangas).  

2.  It is a private multi-specialty Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) or commonly known as outpatient diagnostic and surgical center designed as a one-stop health facility.

3.  They offer a fully automated Laboratory, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Cardiovascular, Pharmacy, Industrial Clinic and Occupational Health, IV Therapy and Physical Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine.

4.  They are capable in performing same-day surgeries focusing on minimally-invasive surgeries.  Surgical incisions have become smaller resulting in faster patient recovery.

5.  Equipped with the latest Hospital Information System Integrated with Electronic Medical Record (EMR), a Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) and Laboratyry Information System (LIS).

6.  Pool of expert medical practitioners affiliated with UP College of Medicine.

7.  Provides quality yet reasonably priced diagnostic technology and a comfortable environment
Accredited with 21 HMOs and 5 insurance companies.

8.  They accepts payment via major credit cards

9.  They have a centralized queing system for organized and faster service to patients.

10.  Amenities for convenience such as ATMs, food court, convenience store, coffee shop and sufficient pay parking, are available

Having enumerated the 10 factors to consider this Ambulatory Surgical Center, indeed UPMC upholds its slogan, "Getting Better Just Got Better".

Contact details:

Telephone: 971-0355 and 353-5518
Website:  www.upmc.net
Address:  UP-PGH Faculty Medical Arts Building, PGH Compund, Taft Avenue, Manila

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