June 25, 2013

Inviting People to a Party

In the Philippines, where people often do not want to offend people, will invite just for the sake of inviting.  Well, it should not be the case.  Remember, parties are supposed to be enjoyed. It's a time for celebration so make sure that you invite people because they mean a lot to you. Do not invite because you feel pressured or want to save face. Be considerate of other people's time. They also have other important things to do. If you cannot attend to all of your guests, just invite a few where you could sit down and have time to have short talk with each of your guests. Otherwise, your invitation will be a cause of an unhappy guest. In the end, the real motive of your invitation and your inability to make your guest feel comfortable will be felt.

After the Party:
Send thank you notes, email or text to all your guests. This way, people will feel you value their time  and presence.

Cancellation of a Party
If you plan to cancel a party make sure to send message or call each of the invited guests ahead of time.  Remember, you are not the only person who has schedules. Be considerate of other people. For worst case scenario (death, hospitalization, accidents) cancelling a party is fully understandable. For  menial and other reasons, you are answerable foremost to yourself and expect the disappointment the guest will feel towards you, whether they vocalize it or not.

Photo source: bridalshowerinvitationsnow.com

Basic questions that may help you when inviting people to a party:  

How many people do you want to invite?
If your friends have kids, will it be okay to bring them?
How many people can you feed? 
How big is the space where your party will be? 
If having a party at home, can your place hold 10 people, 50 people, 200 people?
If having it at a restaurant, hotel, rented events place, etc, does the venue have limits on the number of people that can be there?
Once you have figured out the number of people, you need to decide if it will be a formal or casual party.
Will there be a theme or motif?

If the party is formal, a card invitation is appropriate.
If it is casual, a text or e-mail is enough but do make sure to follow-up by calling to make sure guests are aware of your invitation. Remember, some people does not open FB most of the time.

Ask for an RSVP to assure you have enough food (or tokens, if any). 


  1. Sometimes the problem here is that people don't RSVP, then some will bring a bunch of people with them.

    1. you're right, Cym, that's why it's very important for people to learn to RSVP.


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