June 27, 2013

Ipanema Switch Strap

Ipanema introduces the newest line of flip flops bound to make you switch— the Ipanema Switch Strap, that comes with two additional straps. So if you’re like me who wants to change look from time to time, get this cool Ipanema, there sure is a strap to fit your mood for the day.

Ipanema Switch Strap is a beauty trick just right for the behavior of modern women. Made from patented super-soft Melflex plastic, Ipanema Switch Strap not only beautifies your feet but also comforts and supports them. Colorful butterflies and neon hearts cover each side of the sandals—spreading the cheerful disposition and spirit of Brazil.

Visit Ipanema Philippines on Facebook and find out more about Ipanema Switch Strap. 

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