June 4, 2013

Papa Jack as Krem-Top Ambassador

I was in Pangasinan when Omnicom Media Group invite for Krem-Top came. It would have been a nice event for two reasons. First to  try a new coffee creamer that I'm not familiar yet and second but certainly not the least, to meet in person Papa Jack - Krem-Top's new brand ambassador. 

I didn't even know Papa Jack before but Bedalyn and my nephews were always talking about his radio show.  One time, while on the way to a province hubby and I listened.  Papa Jack's advice though funny  were sincere, honest and helpful.  

True to its campaign message, Krem-Top always wants to help people change for the better and so does Papa Jack, from his love advices to life lessons, he makes it a point to do his best to help his listeners. Together with Krem-Top coffee creamer and Papa Jack, people can celebrate 2013 and change for the better by starting with a better choice of coffee creamer. 

Krem-Top time na...Have great Tuesday! 

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  1. Uy si Papa-Jack! fan ako niyan! ka-aliw kaya ang mga advices niya.


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