June 8, 2013

Smile and the World Smiles Back

Yesterday, while having my boys have their hair cut in preparation for the opening of classes on Monday, the parlor's door opened and came a vibrant voice saying, "Hello, Mr. Choy!".

I looked behind and saw a cute and bubbly little boy. I asked his parents if I could take photos and interviewed them as well to get to know more about this angel who brought sunshine that night in that little corner of the world. 

Me: Hi what's your name?
Sean: I'm Sean Chadwick Miro.
Me: You said hello to Mr. Choy. You like Mr. Choy?
Sean: Yes, he cuts my hair and he's nice.
Me: I'm happy you like Mr. Choy. I like him, too, he cuts my hair and my sons hair also. And you know my name is Joy, sounds like Mr. Choy, right?

Sean with his Mommy Rhea
We shook hands, talked a little more about his likes. I asked Sean's parents, Mr. Frederick John and Mrs. Rhea Miro, if he's like that all the time. They both nod happily, saying he's really a cheerful son.

Sean with Mr. Choy
Well, from what I saw, Sean is not only a happy boy, he has that charisma that captures one's interest as well as bring joy to a stranger's heart, my heart...It's always nice to see smiling faces in this sometimes cruel world.

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