June 23, 2013

Tang's Ang Galing Club and Project Recyclass

There are times when I just feel like quitting from blogging. Why? Well, for one it takes a chunk of my time. Secondly, I always wonder whether people are reading whatever I post here. Third and the most important of all, do I really make a difference? There are probably thousands and thousands of Bloggers in Manila alone.  I just want to make sure that even if I'm not in the top blogs, I do make a  contribution to the world in my own little way.

I am happy to announce that I was chosen by Tang to be one of their Online Brand Ambassador.  As   Online Brand Ambassador, I have the responsibilty to help empower kids to be the best they can be and make a difference in their community through their own ways.

With Tang Family and fellow Online Brand Ambassador
Tang's dedication to help kids goes beyond the products they offer, that's why they launched an advocacy program which aims to empower Filipino kids and refresh their heroism called, Tang Galing Club. You may join your kids by visiting http://tanggalingclub.com.

Through a nationwide survey, kids all over the country revealed that the major concern close to their hearts is having a fresh and clean environment. With the collective action, Tang is moving forward with Project Recyclass.

Project Recyclass aims to empower children nationwide to encourage people to collect foil packs, which will be used to make 10,000 flood-proof recycled plastic school chairs via a technology that is available in the Philippines. The chairs will then be donated to selected public elementary schools in Metro Manila.

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