June 28, 2013

The Turon That Started It All

Going to Greenhills means a lot of walking to find the best fashion finds, gadgets, books and toys.  Walking burns calories, and when you burn calories it'll definitely make you hungry. 

Juancho for instance always whisper on my ear, "Mom, I'm getting hungry".  Being active and all, he really burns what he eats fast. So when he says I'm hungry, there's this one place I know he'd really like - Hermie's.  

Hermie's offers comfort food common in carinderia's or neighborhood restaurant such as goto, pansit, lumpia, dinuguan, mechado and many more. My favorite among them all...turon.

Going to Hermie's is like talking to friends. They are all very warm. About two months ago, I got to talk with the owners, Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Herminia Lauigan about how they started their business.

Mr. Ricardo and Mrs. Herminia Lauigan

They started their turon business in Greenhills in 1982 in a very small store near Besas.  In year 2000, Greenhills underwent renovation and they were moved inside Shoppesville at the ground floor, beside Booksale.  From just selling turon, they had to add other meals to accommodate the demand from employees as well as walk-in customers.  

From humble beginnings and the turon that started it all, Mr. and Mrs. Lauigan's 3 children were able to graduate in college. Their two daughters are in America as Nurse and Physical Therapist respectively. Their law graduate son is in Australia.

Aside from being able to send their children to good schools, Mr. and Mrs. Lauigan are able to help their relatives and friends by employing them at Hermies. Kaya pala kapag kumakain kami sa Hermie's, it feels just like home, lutong bahay at kalingang pampamilya.

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