July 12, 2013

40 Quotes on Living a Joyful Life

When I was a struggling youth I get inspiration from reading qoutes from famous people. Well, even from the not-so-famous ones.  Reading uplifting and funny stories was, and still is, my way of coping from the daily grind of life. That's why it came to me one day the idea of compiling my favorite quotes. 

As I turn 40 today, I'm sharing with you this video containing 40 of my most favorite quotes, aptly titled, Joy Begins at 40.

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  1. Happy happy 40th birthday! Kita mo nga naman, at 40.. eto ang body beautiful na di mo inakala. Your effort has paid off, sana you stay as sexy pa din after the party. Teehee.
    Inspiring quotes!
    Life begins at 40, so now you belong to 40s.. hihi, Welcome!!!!


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