July 2, 2013

Cadbury Dairy Milk

An e-invite arrived lat week for a Cadbury Dairy Milk  event happening this Friday.  I haven't attended their event before so I'm kind of excited as to what surprises are in store since the invite said "Select Lifestyle Bloggers" . 

I'm not so much into sweet treats because I get tonsillitis easily the next day after eating but  Cadbury Dairy Milk is an exemption. I don't know why my tonsils do not react violently when I eat Cadbury Dairy Milk. Hmmm, probably because I jut like this chocs! I like that its texture is smooth and creamy, as well as the pleasure that comes with eating it.

I used to eat Cadbury Dairy Milk with my best buddy Nen. Now that we're far apart, I enjoy eating Cadbury Dairy Milk with my children - Julia, Rafael and Juan. Most of all I like sharing it with my lover, my husband, my soulmate - John.·         

The experience of eating and sharing Cadbury Dairy Milk with family, loved ones and friends is a joy worth remembering.


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