July 19, 2013

July 19 at Malaya Street

July 19 is a very special day at Malaya Street.  Three people from this side of town celebrates their birthdays.

First, this is the birthday of our beloved and cool member of the Mendiolables, none other than our Dad, Tatay, my boyfriend-forever, John.

John's birthday started as early as lunch yesterday, when I tried my best to cook dinuguan, paksiw na pata and baked tahong for him. (post to follow on my food blog)

Around 10pm last night, Gilbert - John's friends since elementary in Aquinas, dropped by and stayed til 2am this morning. 

Today around 11am, Brook dropped by with a bottle of wine. 

As I was about to take my afternoon nap, Nora arrived with her very own kaldereta - John's favorite.

Just minutes after Nora, Tita Jo arrived.  Guess what she brought for John? Kaldereta din!

July 19 is also very special for Mandaluyong because this is the birthday of Mayor Benhur Abalos. 
As early as 5am today, fireworks were heard all over the small Tiger City.  As my kids went down:

Juan:  Wow, Mom, I hear fireworks. Kasi it's Dad's birthday?"
Me:   Yes, baby, it's Dads birthday today but we are not rich to spend for those expensive fireworks. Those fireworks are meant for the birthday of our city mayor.
Juan: (the ever happy-positive boy) ah, it's okay Mom, it's like it's for Dad also, kasi they have the same birthday.

Actually, this is always the case every July 19.  It's like we are celebrating John's birthday with a bang though we simply do it quietly with friends and loved ones who remember to drop by

Another special person celebrating her birthday today is Ate Gilda. She is our neighbor's- Tita Fe, long-time personal assistant.  

Unlike Mayor Abalos who's greeted by many Mandaluyong residents, and John who's greeted by family and friends, Ate Gilda celebrates her birthday with just her boss, Lola Fe.  She's from Bicol, her husband, son, relatives and friends are all there. So, in our own small way, we try to make her birthday as memorable as possible. 

Ate Gilda may not be blood-related with us, but she's as much part of our family. We've know her for 11 years now.  When I was just pregnant with the twins.  She is my jog-walk buddy.  She is our friendly-neighborhood-Ate. 

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and  Joy in each other’s life.
-Richard Bach


  1. Happy Birthday, John! You truly are blessed with so many friends and a loving family.

  2. Happy birthday JOhn! Kaya pala traffic sa Kalentong haha! Musta naman ang #Baked Tahong and #relyenong dilis?

  3. HAppy birthday John, sayang hinde ko man lang natikman ang bake tahong at dinuguan.


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