July 13, 2013

My Day

From Monday to Friday, I wake up at 3am to cook my kids' baon. Then I wake Julia, Rafael and Juan at 5am.  Today, it's a different story.  I didn't rise at 3am because I haven't slept at all. Actually still up by now as I do this post.  I didn't wake my kids, too, for they woke by themselves, excited to greet their beautiful and sexy Mom (ehem, ehem, pagbigyan na, it's my day naman...) a happy 40th brthday.

JOY isnot in things;
It is in us.
-Richard Wagner


  1. pagtabi mo ako isang cup cake please, hihi. Happy Birthday!

  2. happy birthday! wow! 3am, 5 days a week? and I complain at waking up at 5am...You really deserve this day :)

  3. Belated happy birthday Joy and here is wishing there will be more birthdays to come.


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