July 13, 2013

My Lucky STAR

I organized and hosted all of my family events - my kids birthday, John's and mine. My husband used to tell me to allow someone to host. But I have no friends who's into hosting. So John told me many times to just hire someone to host. But I couldn't do that, too. I'm so worried that the host won't be able to deliver my expectations.

This time, for my 40th birthday, I am grateful for my friend Star Orjaliza, for hosting mg big 40 party.  She made it lively and fun. The way I wanted it to be.  

Today is Star's birthday. We celebrate our birthdays just a day apart. I know that our stars didn't just collide. We met in a perfect time, and God truly knows our hearts' desire for He gave me a friend who's there through thick and thin. 

We don't talk much. We don't meet much. But she pops from nowhere every time I'm sad to cheer me up.


Photo courtesy of Star's instagram

If you also like to have a fun, lively and exciting party, you may hire Star. She's not just a host, she sings and acts.  Hitting 3-in-1 birds at the same time, you'll definitely have a great time just like mine.

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  1. I see STAR on TV often, mapa commercial, indie at teleserye! Star talaga! dapat sumali siya sa "The Voice" ang galing!


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