July 23, 2013

Pop Talk's Pop or Flop

Pop Talk started inviting me to be their travel reviewer for over a year now but every time they'd invite I'm on travel with my family and friends.  

Last month, they finally got my free schedule not as travel reviewer but as food expert (expert daw o!).  I immediately said yes because it would mean I'd be able to visit the past. As Mama Rhaye, the cool and nice make-up artist have said it, this is a day of retrospection for me. First, I last went at GMA 7 for Unang Hirit guesting in 2005.  Secondly,  I last went to University belt in 1991 when I studied BS Biology in FEU. 

I had a good time chatting with Bettina Carlos and Mama Rhaye inside the van. More on Bettina next post. 

I had the opportunity to see up-close the show host, Tonipet Gaba at Juana's. I thought he seemed suplado. Hindi naman pala but was only sleepy coming from another show. He was actually super nice and accommodating, always checking on us and making sure that we get to have as much camera exposure as he is.

Please do watch Pop Talk tonight at GMA News TV at 10pm and see if we Pop or Flop the following restaurants in University belt area: 

Second Stop at Hanayo

Third stop at Perico's 2


  1. I'm a fun of POP TALK, halos lahat ata episode napanood ko, but this one with you as guest reviewer, sure ako POP na pop sa panlasa ko! :)

  2. I'm sorry girl hinde ko napanuod but I'm sure pop na pop yan CONGRATULATIONS!


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