July 5, 2013

The Giant

Uncle Tito is the husband of my father's older sister, Aunt Linda. Today is his birthday, he would have been 70.   He passed away February 20, 2011. 

The loss of loved ones is never easy to bear and it is one of the most difficult things to experience but I always fill the void by remembering their special qualities.

I remember Uncle Tito as a very cool dad and soft-spoken uncle.  He quietly observed us and seat at one corner while we had parties at their place.  

When I hear Julio Iglesias' songs anywhere, I remember Uncle Tito. He likes listening to Spanish songs which was always played on the car stereo during our long trips to Bataan.

He was a bright man. He instilled in me the importance of education, the love for traveling and fine dining.  I looked up to him like he was a giant. He's one of the people who made a lasting impact in my life.

Uncle Tito, Happy Birthday! Cheers!


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