July 26, 2013

The Wolverine

John and I found time yesterday to watch Wolverine starring Hugh Jackman.  My husband who's a fanatic X-Men Novel reader found the story different from the book. Well, most of the movies usually deviate some scenes and stories to suit the time, cinematography and more in the big screen.

As for me, who's a big Hugh fan, the movie was good enough (di ako natulog). Plus, seeing those to- die-for-muscles and a bit of Hugh's behind shots made it, yeah, nice to see...I mean the movie (wink!)

All in all, the movie is still packed with action that is worth watching. If you're a reader like John, you will not be as happy. Butt (err...but, lol!) if like me, you're a Hugh Jackman fanatic, you wouldn't mind spending two hours inside the theater.

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