July 8, 2013

Ways to Declutter Life and Everything Else

Within this year we will be moving back to our permanent home address. What's best about this move is that everything there is near,  especially that our business is located just right below the house. As early as now, I'm classifying the things and stuff -   those to be given away, those to be sold and those to be kept.  

As I declutter all the material things, I felt that sudden peace having a clean space. I can't help but   compare this peaceful feeling with that of life.   Imagine having a lot of clothes, toys and everything else, but you still can't seem to have it all.  

Life is like that. Sometimes we surround ourselves with a lot of people that we think makes us happy but in the end you only need just one or two persons to believe in you, support you and love you through happy or lonely times.

As I choose which dress to let go, I remember the many happy moments I wore it. But then again, I just have to let go even if I still want to wear it because the color has faded and the prints are almost gone.  More importantly, it does not fit my current built at all, and that the dress makes me look big and ugly. 

Life is like that, oftentimes we want to stay in a relationship that we so adore only to know that it is time to say goodbye, so long, farewell.  Saying goodbye to a favorite dress does not mean you have completely forgotten the good old days.  It just only means, there's more room for newer and prettier dresses.  

Life is like that.  Saying goodbye to a loved one doesn't mean throwing stones and bricks, but rather by keeping all the good memories in your heart. 

When I woke up this morning and walked into the other room that has been decluttered, there is a certain calm and joy that entered my heart. From here on, I know I’ll be living a more simple and a decluttered closet and life.

Ways to declutter the closet:

1.  Set aside at least 15 minutes to check one shelf a day. Then tackle another shelf for 15 minutes the next day. 

2. Or find a specific day that you feel is most convenient to declutter a closet or room. 

3. Take everything out of a shelf and focus on that shelf until you completely clean it.

4.  Have a trash box and label it - for keeping, for give-away and/or for selling. 

5.  Don't be too sentimental. If you haven’t used a certain item in the last year, get rid of it.

6.  Papers such as brochures, magazines and catalogues, toss it in a recyclable box and hand it to people who may be able to sell it.

7. If still undecided on a certain item, label a box with Still thinking, then close the box.  If after six months or a year, yoou still haven't reach a decision, toss it or give it away.

3 Steps to declutter life:

1.  Have a conviction because this is when you finally act on your decision to simplify your life.

2.  Make a list of things to do on how to proceed on changing your life

3.  As Nike's slogan says it, Just do it!

Having done it all, celebrate your accomplishments. You've decluttered your life. Love its simplicity. Bask in your new found joy and peace.  


  1. Great Post... Really decluttering is very essential as it give a fresh look. The tips that you have told for cleaning a closet are very helpful. Thanks for this great information.


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