August 22, 2013

Benefits of Cooking with Kids

It has been three days of no school. It's best to spend it bonding with the family. One way of doing it is to cook together with your children.

Cooking with kids may require extra effort, time and patience but the benefits are well worth it. First, iteaches them skills and self-confidence. When children are given freedom they tend to learn easily. But be sure to guide them, specially with the use of knives and scissors. Children must not be left alone with sharp objects. 
Cooking is much like play time for little kids like Juancho. It's the best time to teach them the alphabet, counting or even spelling. Make the most of it by teaching bigger kids about math (measuring, volume, etc.) science and health.
More than anything, when children grow up, they will remember the memories when you cook that lugaw, that minatamis na saging, that turon together! Surely these moments will last a lifetime. 



  1. Now I always remember you with turon and langka! nice bonding time with kids!

  2. Cooking is indeed a great way to bond with our kids. That TURON looks very tempting especially you added langka on it. Happy eating!


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