August 5, 2013

Everybody Hurts

I've been following my inaanak's (Goddaughter) timeline for three weeks. She is hurting - hurting from a relationship that is at the brink. I've private messaged her about keeping it private, and not to post everything on FB.  She mellowed and lately she's posting photos of her in nice dresses and happier mood. I am happy for her, she is moving on.

Today, I dedicate this post to her and to those who are hurting from relationships that is about to end or has ended.

My first rule, remember the happy moments you spent together.  This way you don't get bitter but better as time goes by. Diba pag galit ka sa tao, ikaw ang affected, so why be mad, papangit ka lang at magkaka wrinkles.

What I do when I'm hurting - I clean the bathroom, I exercise, I blog, I clean my closet, I read, I watch funny movies and I surround myself with people that truly loves me.

Second, do not curse.  Instead pray for those who hurt you. People come into your life not just to hurt you but to teach you a lesson.  Evaluate the  lesson from that hurtful situation or from that person then use that lesson to serve its purpose.

Lastly, never have regrets because at one point everything you did together was exactly what you wanted, right?

Sometimes horrible and unfair things happen. At first we try to deny its existence but in the end when you overcome these obstacles, it's when you realize your true value (parang tindahan ng mga tools lang, lol!) your strength.  And then when you have finally accepted that that's the end of that relationship, you learn to maximize your will power, which will eventually lead you in a better place in life. Tandaan, everybody hurts, but without pain joy is never achieved. So go ahead, cry if you must but never stay in that situation for too long, sayang ang panahon. Maikli ang buhay, why waste it?


  1. At one point of my life I cried for a long time, and cry and cry and cry.. and found out I was already dehydrated from crying so I stopped. LOL today. haha.

    1. I like it when I'm hurting. Pumapayat ako e...

  2. your captcha is getting me crazy!


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