August 2, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Color Blue

Blue is probably the most favorite color of all people. It represents the nature’s color for water and sky. Blue is calming because it is the coolest color and is often associated with depth and stability. Blue denotes trustworthy, dependable and committed hue. Dark blue can be conservative or ultra-modern.

At Blue Water Day Spa, I met respected and world-renowned teacher and trainor Ms. Ranjeet Kour when she held a presentation to media of a new massage treatment called the Aroma Chakra Healing Body Massage and Indian Head Massage. I was wearing blue at that time and she told me, I should wear blue often as it enhances good vibes on me.  Plus, Nora said, I look good on blue so lately I've been eyeing clothes in blue - prints and shades, pants, shorts, whatever as long as it's blue.  

This printed-blue shorts Nora, Lyn and I found in Kamiseta about 4 months ago.

I'm not much of a printed-short kind of person so I did not buy it.

But then I realized, this printed-blue shorts looks good enough for me so yesterday I headed at Kamiseta in Megamall. Unfortunately,  that printed-blue shorts was no where to be found (sayang, huhu!)

Anyway, I found all sorts of blue.  Oh, by the way, Kamiseta is on sale until Sunday at 50% off.


  1. so you believe in my word? sorry girl but you don't look good on blue, I meant, you just don't look good, but.. all the best that can describe you when you're in blue, most beautiful and prettiest in blue! Ayan ha, walang basagan yan ha!

    1. to all who's reading nuts' comments, ganun talaga, kaibigan e. sino pa ba naman magsusuportahan, kami kami din naman, lol!


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