August 16, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Little White Dress

Although white dress are commonly connected with weddings I am fascinated with it so whenever I see a lady wearing little white dress, I can't help but asked them for a photo op.

At Mesoestetic event last July 24, Iza Villarosa-Arcilla, Flawless' Marketing Manager, wearing her little white dress caught my eyes.

Her white dress and belt, from H & M, accessories bought in Hong Kong.

Featuring today my very own little white dress...

This little white dress was actually a long skirt I bought in Rustans in 2009; 
had it repaired in 2010 and first wore it in 2011.
(Shoes from Wade (got it as a prize from Robinson's Writing Contest last 2006)

Here are a few ideas how you can wear little white dresses:

1. First, remember there are different shades of white, such as  classically bright white, ecru, cream or ivory whites.  Choose a shade that matches your skin tone.

For a client meeting, you can put on a blazer and wear black shoes for a formal look

2.  Select a solid and opaque white dress to avoid see-through. Choose dresses that are lined to be sure you avoid transparency-issue.

Denim jacket makes this little wjite dress cool and comfy while having lunch
with my cousin Love (in black) and her friend.

3. Wear underwear that is the same color as your skin to ensure that nothing is seen inside.

Shawl to keep me warm while watching Nora for Poptalk shoot,
with model-actor Carl Guevara
4. Choose a flowing fabric to avoid clinging of fabric with the body.

Red cardigan made this little white dress ready in any Christmast gatherings.
5.  Choose appropriate accessories. keep it simple

6. Choose an appropriate shoe such as beige, camel, brown and light grey, silver, bronze or gold
to match a white dress.



  1. I love white dress, I actually have one. Tube-type and I just love pairing it with other clothes.

    1. nice white dress no, daming pwedeng i-mix and match.

  2. grabeng slim pa si lyn dito.. at si lyn talaga napansin ko hehe..

    love your white outfit, kahit ano naman color bagay sayo!


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