August 2, 2013

Have Been Scarred, Have Moved On

This is a story of a little girl who was beaten by a dog at age three…

It was around 3 in the afternoon when her mother said, “go and take a nap while I finish my work”. The girl, who’s very playful and curious, did not heed the mother’s call. Instead she stayed at the door and watched their dog play with a neighbor’s dog.  Sensing that their female dog was being attacked by the other dog, she took her brother’s slingshot and hit the dog who was on top of their dog.  The dog run as fast as it could towards her and bit her small face; reaping her chin, her upper lip, her right temple, her right cheek and her chest.  

The girl was rushed to the hospital and stayed there for a long time.  One day, she overheard the surgeon talking to her mother, “I’ll do everything I can to help fix your pretty daughter’s face”.   

After hospitalization, the girl grew insecure for she was always mistaken for having herlip because of the stitches she got from that horrendous attack so she’s always with a handkerchief to hide her upper lip scar. Her scar on the right temple was hidden by wearing her hair down - no pony tail at all. 

She would not allow anyone to sit beside her on the right because she was always afraid to be asked how she got that big keloid on her temple.

The scars took a toll on her confidence. She felt ugly all those years. 

At age 26 in 1999, as she was planning to get married the next year, she took a big leap and consulted a surgeon about her scar. Dr. Nicky Montoya advised a drafting procedure wherein the skin with the scar will be cut and re-stitch.

After the procedure, the good doctor advised her to wait for three days then apply Contractubex twice a day. 

Just a few months of using Contractubex, she noticed a big difference. The keloid was gone. She was more than happy.

This is my scar story. I have been scarred but have moved on.

And on my wedding day, I did what I haven't done for a long time - I asked my hair stylist to do an updo hairstyle...

The new me- "Scar-free and happy!"

Before I don't like photos showing my right temple, but here it was A-okay because I was keloid-free already

Here are some old-photos with my friends. Whatever hairstyle I was in, I'd always hide my right temple to keep people away from asking about my scar...

With Bing Absalon

With Theela Buen

With FEU College friends, Faye and the Gang

With PCU College friends, Dothie and Vina


  1. I never have seen that scar, and never have felt your insecurity with that, certainly, you have moved on as I always see you now bunning your hair.

    1. yes, Nuts, I've definitely moved are next, right?

  2. Wow! I never would've thought that you went through all these. For the few times I got to chat with you in events, I can't even find a trace of past insecurities. Anyway, stay happy, healthy, pretty and confident as always sis Joy! :)

    1. I've gotten over the insecuries, thanks to Dr. Nicky and Contractubex. Thanks, Sumi!


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