August 17, 2013

Mesmerizing Makahiya

There's something mesmerizing about watching Makahiya fold its leaves inward or droop when touched or shaken, then re-opening minutes later.  At Island Cove last week, Nora and I relieved out childhood memories of this wonderful plant. We showed it to our respective daughters and they too were amazed of Makahiya's characteristic, but these girls aren't familiar with it.


I remember growing up playing with makahiya for hours at the back of our house, many years ago when there were plenty of soil instead of cemented ground.   Nowadays, I seldom see Makahiya, that's why every travel to provinces is an opportunity to see one.

What is Makahiya then? It is native to South America and Central America but also found in most countries with shady areas, many trees or shrubs.  It is also called sensitive plant, sleepy plant and the touch-me-not.  Its scientific name is Mimosa pudica (from Latin: pudica "shy or shrinking". 

The next time you travel in the provinces be sure to introduce Makahiya to your children. It'll definitely be an entertainment for their curious minds.


  1. my story of makahiya is on my draft page.. unahin ko muna island cove.. still finding blogging mojo to finish hehe


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