August 19, 2013

My PopTalk Guesting

I'm not new in television guesting  (taray feeling artista, hehehe!) In 2001 I, along with my Ate Che, Jubert and Kuya George, joined Family feud. In 2005 I guested in Unang Hirit. Then in 2010, I joined Maricel Laxa's show, where I cooked Dona Maria brown rice.

Just last month I was at PopTalk as a food reviewer.  Special mention goes to Fedhz for sharing this link!

I'd like to say thank you to all the staff who were very accommodating and nice. Tonipet was super mabait and likas pa lang mabilis magsalita and mabiro. Bettina was makwento, walang ere as artista. We had good time sharing our thoughts as moms.  Louie, the student, gave a glimpse of how my sons will be like when they're in college.  I was extremely happy with the shoot, lalo na with Mama Rhaye. He is the make-up artist who helped all of us look good on tv! We had a lot of nice conversations inside the van. Papunta pa lang sa first location para na kaming mag best friends. Pati pauwi ay sus, kami'y magkamag-anak na!

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  1. I'm proud of you! hinde ko man napanuod ang buong epesode ng guesting mo, I'm happy for you. Congrats and be beautiful and sexy always.


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