August 11, 2013

The Voice - Philippines

From Sunday to Thursday I make it a habit to put my children to sleep at 8pm because I want them to have a complete 8 hour sleep to have enough energy while in school,  Lately, I'm breaking my own rule every Sunday. Why? Because of The Voice showing at ABS CBN. Julia, Rafael and Juan begs to finish it. Well, I can't blame them. I like watching The Voice, too! 

My favorite is  Jessica Reynoso. I hope she wins.

Photo: Rooting for this girl...I hope she wins.

One more thing though, irereklamo o ang The Voice sa DECS. Why? Napupuyat kami, sana ilagay sa mas maagang oras next season, hehehe!


  1. ..yung gusto mo pong laging napapanuod every episode.. hehehe XD

    1. tama! yung gusto mo ng matulog kaya lang gusto mo ding malaman anong magyayari hanggang sa huli...


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