August 11, 2013

What To Do When Torn Between Two Lovers?

It all started when Lyn told me to sign up for AVA's modelling event. Two weeks have passed already but I still didn't open AVA's site. Lyn was so persistent and kept bugging me so I emailed AVA. They emailed back and asked me to send a close up and whole body pictures. A week after, I received a congratulatory email from AVA - I made it to be a part of the biggest modelling event in the Philippines with the hope of breaking  Guinness World Record for the most people walking on a catwalk.

And yes, on November 29, at Glorietta Mall, the Philippines broke Istanbul's 1,967 record.   

Models and aspiring models call time was 8am. It was overwhelming to see a sea of people lining up for registration then line up again for the practice.  It was surreal when it was my time to do the catwalk - just until the practice though. I left the place around 2pm. At first, I was kind of unhappy with my decision. But the event coincided with my scheduled date with my daughter. It felt like I was torn between two lovers - to be a part of Guinness World Record or be the best mom to Julia.

I would have held my head high have I finished the walk but then again when I saw my daughter happy to have me around over Pizza Hut's pizza and sausage roll, it was worth being an ordinary mom for life rather than a one day super model.

Nice ladies  I met at the event
What To Do When Torn Between Two Lovers, Opportunities or Situations

1.  Take a deep breath and think about the reasons you care about these two people or situations
2.  Sort out your priorities and choose who you care about more.
3.  Keep things in perspective and give yourself time to make the decision that feels best for you.
4.  Notice how you feel about yourself when you’re around each prospect. Prospect may mean two lovers, two job offers, two chessecakes, two dresses. 
5.  Ask yourself the following questions: Which lover makes me feel more happy, comfortable and respected? Which job makes me feel more alive? Which dress makes me feel more beautiful and sexy? Which cheesecake is not so sweet, not so fattening?
6.  Ultimately decision making when torn between two lovers, opportunities or situations is still a matter of following your heart.

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