August 14, 2013

Women's Health - August Issue

Admittedly, I've been feeling cranky lately. I'm in no mood writing for this blog for days. Haven't been reading any book or magazine. I stopped exercising three months ago. When my children are off to school, I immediately sit or lay in bed to play Candy Crush - for hours!  

Just this morning I pushed myself into Ab Workout. Then I cleaned the bathroom. Then went for a steam bath to detoxify. I felt better after moving my big butt out of the couch!

In the afternoon I went on a mini date with Bill. You see, Bill makes me do things I don't want to do because I lose money every time we meet. I'm always the one paying the bills. Well, oh-oh, Bill is actually the electric, water, so on and so forth bills.  This I once heard to Nora. I find funny, so I shared it here.  

After paying all the bills, John and I went at Greenhills to buy interior design books. While browsing, Women's Health Magazine August Issue caught my chinky eyes. I Picked it up and read the cover. Three articles interests me. These are Boost your productivity, Love the age your in and...I will not write the last topic anymore to protect my young readers. Basta it's the article placed on top of the magazine's price, lol!

As always, it's so worth buying this mag for I get a lot of information that inspires me to live a healthy and happy life.

I like Better Than Ever as it featured five women and shared their stories on how to live the life you want at whatever age you're in.  

8 Ways to Live A Better Life is also nice as it challenged 8 people to what ifs. I'm actually contemplating on doing myself some of the challenge they did. 

Get a copy in your favorite bookstores before it's too late.

And because I'm writing about Women's Health, I'd take this opportunity to post my picture with my most favorite editor, Lara Parpan. I saw her many times already in  events but I'd always shy away. At Promama event, nilakasan ko na ang loob ko, went up and introduced myself to Women's Health's Editor-in-chief. I was super star-strucked! 

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