August 26, 2013

Work With Joy

When I met Chef  Eric at Tasty Tucker, my first question was, "from what culinary school did you graduate from?". Chef Eric replied, "high school graduate lang po ako, Ma'am". I was amazed and continued to ask him on how he got to where he is now.

Experience and hard work paved the way for Chef Eric. He worked for well-known restaurants in the past, bringing with him all the knowledge and lessons he has to learn.

Aside from perseverance, he works with joy. He just does not work for the sake of working. He works with gusto, with love and care for the company he works for. And these are the basic ingredients why Chef Eric is on top of his game.

He is now a proud father of an almost one year old baby girl. And life for him gets better everyday as he tosses that dough; as he cooks those dishes; and as he travels this wonderful journey called life.

Catch and taste Chef Eric's pizza and more at Tasty Tuckers.

Work is love made visible. 
And if you cannot work with love 
but only with distaste, 
it is better that you should leave your  work 
and sit at the gate of the temple 
and take alms of those who
work with  Joy
-Khalil Gibran

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