September 6, 2013

Fashionable Friday: Ipanema Switch Strap

I'm one of those women who wants to color coordinate. Ipanema now makes it easy for me  to change look from time to time without buying additional sandals.  Ipanema's Switch Strap are made from patented super-soft Melflex plastic, which is super comfortable to wear. 
Ipanema's Switch Strap comes with two additional straps that helps a woman change strap to fit the mood for the day.

Ipanema Switch Strap is a beauty trick just right for the behavior of modern women. 

Visit Ipanema Philippines on Facebook and find out more about Ipanema Switch Strap. 


  1. I assume my comment here was not successful as I did it via mobile blogging. Huh.
    What a nice Ipanema edition. I should get one for easy outfit picking. I love your projection underneath the tree. Weee!

    1. i was not actually posing for that tree shot. julia was tinatamad to help me with this photo shoot. ayaw lumapit. i came over her and told her, you're lazy again. you dont want to help me. yun pala meron na. i have one artistic-future photographer here!


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