September 27, 2013

iACADEMY's Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology

iACADEMY's invite for an afternoon of Accessory Design Workshop proved to be an exciting and fun day for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

I thought it's one of those event where we will sit, eat and listen to the speaker.  It was actually an awesome experience as Manu Respall of the famous Dogg Ficher shared his thoughts, knowledge and wisdom in creating and designing accessories and more.

According to Manu, "Art is subjective. Art is dot/period. You do not create art to please people. You create art to communicate, to share what's inside you. Art means to C-R-E-A-T-E". When you create you need to define the Character, the  Reason, the Event. the Treatment and the Ergonomics or Execution of your design.

The multi-talented Manu opened my chinky eyes into embracing my creative side as we designed our own accessories using only bond papers.

iACADEMY's Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology Students

It was so fun Nora, Lyn and I challenged ourselves to win that prize. Little did we know that our young counterpart, my niece, will win. I didn't even know Chumcee had it in her if not for this workshop.
The grand winner, Chumcee, third from left, proudly showed her blazer entry

If the workshop was fun, exciting and an eye-opener what more if I enroll at iACADEMY's Bachelor of Fashion Design and Technology where they hone and develop students to be professional and excellent in the field. The comprehensive curriculum integrates art, fashion, and technology to develop competent graduates for the global industry of fashion. Courses under the program are taught and facilitated by global top-fashion practicing professionals supported by top-of-the-line facilities. The program aims to develop students’ artistic, aesthetic, analytical and technological abilities by integrating theory, practice, mentorship and exposure to the real world of fashion.

Address: 6764 Ayala Avenue, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Phone: +63(2)889-7777

My design/accessory: I made 3 gigantic heart necklace because I love heart shape things,

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