September 12, 2013

Love Finds a Way

John is my fourth boyfriend. I was not lucky with the first 3 that I vowed not to fall in love again but fate has its way of bringing two souls together.

It was December 21, 1992, the wedding day of my cousin Kuya Rommel and Ate Mimi. John saw me walking from afar, and he said to himself, "pretty girl". (Totoo yan ha, ask him and he'll deny). He was shocked to see me going straight into my cousin's house where he was standing.  My cousin Norman (who' John's friend) introduced us.    After that day, I get to see John visit my cousin but we were not talking. I see him from afar, hiding behind the curtains, really! Norman told me that John has a crush on me. I didn't believe him. In the following months of January to March 1993 I had to go back home in Novaliches to care for my ailing mother. And that was the last time I saw John.

Mama passed away in April 9, 1993. Norman, along with John and Gilbert visited in Novaliches to extend their condolences during the "pa-siyam". After a week he sent me a sympathy card professing he wants to invite me out.

I immediately answered via the card below.  Sadly though, I didn't get any reply. I waited for 2 months, still no letter from him. I gave up  thinking he's probably not that interested.

By the end of June 1993, I boarded a room with my brother's girlfriend - Ate Cleo.  Since Ate Cleo was a Psychology graduate, I asked if I could borrow some of her books. From the many Psychology books, I took Theories of Personality and there I found my card for John!  He didn't reply because he thought I'm not interested, too!

Today, John and I celebrates our 20 years of joyful life. Stories like ours proves that love finds a way. But just like all other things, nothing is ever easy. Getting married is the easiest part. Staying married is the toughest part. It just so happen I'm blessed to have John because he never give up on me when everybody else did.

I am not a perfect wife, I make mistakes, (lalo na sa pagluluto, lol), para sa dalawampung taon, ito ang handog ko sayo, Tay! 

Dalawampung Taon 

-Joy Mendiola 
September 11, 2013

September 11, 1993  hanggang ngayon, 
magkasama sa lamig at init...

sa lungkot o ligaya...
sa maikling buhok o mahaba...
sa kulay asul, dilaw, itim o pula…

sa lahat ng okasyon at selebrasyon -
pagtatapos, kaarawan, pasko at bagong taon...

sa lahat ng paglalakbay
malapit man o malayo…

sa dalawampung taon ng pagmamahalan,.
pagbabakasyon, pagpapaambon
at paminsan minsang diskusyon…

salamat sa Poong  Maykapal
at ikaw ang ibinigay
upang makasama habang buhay
wala ka ng kawala, Tay...

Happy 20th Anniversary!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! May God bless you both with more love and happiness.

    "Scientists have discovered that the longer people stay married, the more they begin to look alike." Now I am looking forward to your 50th anniversary and how you'd look like when you cut your hair short and John sports a long hair. Happy 20th anniversary!


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