September 30, 2013

Mitoy - The First Voice of the Philippines

Mitoy Yonting, Nora’s bet/neighbor and the vocalist of the Draybers emerged as the first ever winner of “The Voice of the Philippines,” besting Klarisse De Guzman.

Klarisse’s voice is surely as sweet as honey and as smooth as baby’s skin (I actually think she has a better voice than her coach, Sarah Geronimo) but it was the votes that made Mitoy win.

The “Total Eclipse of the Heart” performance of Lea Salonga, Vice Ganda and Mitoy made me call Nora and tell her, “Mitoy is definitely going to win tonight”.  

I also love the performance of Janice Javier with the iconic folk singer Lolita Carbon of Asin.

Mitoy Yonting owes his winning to the voting public, and he owes it to my friend Nuts. It was Nora who opened my eyes into liking, voting and magpakapuyat (sleep rather late) for Mitoy.  

Some people do not agree with the result. Some even tweeted and posted in FB “so it’s not about the voice after all, it was about the vote”. Let’s face it, Mitoy has the voice. His advantage was that he got us with his comedic ways, plus that big wide eyes he flashes every time the camera focuses his face.

 In the end, it all boils down to one thing, MITOY YONTING is the first ever winner of “The Voice of the Philippines.

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