September 9, 2013

Popcorn Mondays at iAcademy

Most people hate Mondays, they say it's manic. Well, that's because Monday is the day people go back to work. 

It's a different scenario though at iAcademy where they hold Popcorn Mondays, under the tutelage of iAcademy's PR Specialist and Popcorn Mondays' Creative Director, Kooky Tuason. 

Popcorn Mondays is by invitation only. I hate myself for not being able to attend any of them. Hopefully, I'll be able to in the coming Mondays.

iACADEMY's previous Popcorn Mondays are: Drum Circle, Mind- Reading, Monologue

If you're interested to squeeze creative juice or tap your artistic side, join 
iACADEMY's Popcorn Mondays by emailing Kooky Tuason at


Mission and Vision: To develop trailblazers and movers by providing a venue for the incubation and realization of ideas through lasting and meaningful partnerships with leading industry players. As pioneer in adult education,develop real-world solutions, and be of service to society.

Established in 2002, its founders, opened doors to 72 students in June 2002 in its premiere location along Ayala Avenue, Makati City. The first 72 students enrolled in BSBA e-Management, BSCS Software Engineering, BSCS Network Engineering, and BSIT Digital Arts. For the succeeding school years, the population increased and so the curricula was enhanced. To better equip its students, a partnership was made with IBM Philippines in June 2003. Two years later, the Computer Science and Information Technology program was granted recognition, with zero deficiency, by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED). New courses were offered like BSBA Marketing and Advertising (2004), and BS Animation (2007), which holds partnership with the Cutting Edge Productions. Soon, more courses were offered: AB in Multimedia Arts and Design (2011), and BS Game Development and Programming (2011), which includes developing computer games in both mobile and desktop platforms designed by select members of the International Game Developer Association.

In 2009, WACOM, the world’s leading manufacturer of interactive pen displays, pen tablets, and digital interface solutions, became iACADEMY’s training partner. With this partnership, iACADEMY’s Animation and Multimedia programs have been tremendously enhanced. iACADEMY’s educational services are now at par with prestigious local and international colleges and universities. In 2010, IBM appointed iACADEMY as the first IBM Center of Excellence in the ASEAN Region and the first Lotus Academic Institute. With just eight years of operation, IACADEMY proved to be one of the best training grounds for future IBM professionals. In 2011, iACADEMY opened its BS Fashion Design and Technology program and was chosen by Solar Entertainment Corporation to be the official partner school and workspace of Project Runway Philippines Season 3, the highly coveted fashion design reality TV show that has produced some of the country’s finest fashion designers. 

For inquiries: 889-7777/891-3865/891-3727

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